Guía T – Buenos Aires Bus Bible

junio 21, 2011

The best way to know Buenos Aires is on a bus. We  know it can be scary because there are too many bus lines with too many different colours and too many different numbers. But don´t worry, we have already posted some tips to travel by bus. Today, we will introduce you a very useful little guide that soon will become your best friend in porteñas streets…

…the “Guía T”!

 The best place to get your own “Guía t” is at a newsstand, but you can also buy it from the street vendors in the subway.  At first,  Guía t will seem confusing but, after some practice, you will be able to reach any place you like.

Follow these simple instructions and enjoy the public transport!

1) The Guía T has three sections:

* The first one is a Buenos Aires streets directory.

*The second one is a Buenos Aires map; every page is a part of that map.

*The third one, is a bus lines directory.

2) The first you need to know is  in which page your starting point is. In order to find that out, you have to search for the address on the streets directory (section one). Once you find it, you will see a coordinate next to it. For example, if you are in Soler3500, you will see: “41 A2”. The first number indicates the page where the map is. In this case, 41. The second one (A2)  gives your address´s coordinates in that page.

3) Afterwards, you have to repeat the same procedure for the place you want to go to. For example, Güemes 3900: page 41 – coordinate A1.

4) In the map´s opposite pages, you will  find the buses  that you can take in each grid. You have to compare the starting point and the arrival point, and see which bus goes past both of them. For example, in 41 A2 and 41 A1, you can see the number 39. That means this bus goes past the two places.

5) Finally, you can check the bus route at the last Guía T section: the buses directory. There, you will see in which actual street you can catch the bus and in which one you have to get out.

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junio 14, 2011

Cry me a verb: Spanish irregular verbs/ Verbos irregulares en español

junio 10, 2011

Hoy queremos presentarles al Señor Mara. En realidad, no lo conocemos personalmente pero tenemos la sensación de que podría ser nuestro amigo.

Él es un profesor de español en la escuela Dublin Jerome High School, de Estados Unidos. Para sus clases, hace unos videos muy locos sobre problemas gramaticales y los comparte a través de su canal en youtube, “Canal de SrMara”. 

Miren este video y prepárense para bailar mientras conjugan verbos irregulares.

Today, we want to introduce you to Señor Mara. We actually don´know him personally but we feel that he could be a close friend. He is a Spanish teacher in an American school called Dublin Jerome High School. He makes crazy  videos about Spanish grammar for his students and share them at his own youtube channel (“Canal de SrMara”). Take a look at this video and get ready to dance while conjugating irregular verbs.

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Explore Buenos Aires with locals!

junio 7, 2011

Podés recorrer y conocer una ciudad como un turista, solo con tu guía Lonley Planet. Pero si tenés suerte, quizás tengas un amigo local que te muestre la ciudad. Si no tenés esa suerte, pero aún así pensás que Buenos Aires es algo más que Caminito, el Obelisco, Palermo y San Telmo, tenés otra opción.

 Cicerones de Buenos Aires es un grupo de voluntarios. Ellos viven acá y quieren compartir todo lo que más les gusta y todo lo que saben de Buenos Aires con visitantes de todo el mundo. Cicerones de Buenos Aires no cobran por su servicio (ni aceptan propinas): solamente les interesa disfrutar de un intercambio cultural.

Cada voluntario tiene intereses específicos: algunos saben mucho de arquitectura; otros de literatura, deportes o música. También hay “expertos” en diferentes barrios de la ciudad. Cuando te pongas en contacto con ellos, van a seleccionar el “guía” acorde a tus propios intereses.

Mirá su página web y ponete en contacto con ellos!


You can explore the city as a tourist, alone with your Lonely Planet guide. If you are lucky enough, you might have a local friend who will let you experience the city from a non- tourist point of view. If you don´t, but you still feel that Buenos Aires is more than Caminito, el Obelisco, Palermo and San Telmo, you have another option.

  Cicerones of Buenos Aires is a group of  volunteers. They live here and they are willing to share everything they know and love about Buenos Aires with visitors from all around the world. Cicerones of  Buenos Aires don´t charge for their service (they won´t even accept tips): they only want to enjoy a cultural exchange.

 Every volunteer has his own profile and different interests. Some of them know a lot about architecture; some others, about literature, sports or music.  Also, there are “experts” on different barrios.

 When you contact Cicerones, they choose the best “guide” for you, according to your interests.

 Check their website and contact them!

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Because learing Spanish doesn´t have to be boring