¿Falta mucho? / Much further?

junio 25, 2010

Many students come, learn and use what they have learned.

Others forget their Spanish as soon as they close their notebook.

But some students continue learning, reflecting on their experience and wanting to share it.

This is the case with Eric, a former Ñ student from the United States. He has created a great website with little Spanish anecdotes.

On this website you will find some answers to FAQs that only a non-native speaker could imagine.

Also you will find funny videos, music, vocabulary, idioms, etc.

Check it out!

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Because learing Spanish doesn´t have to be boring


Online course

junio 18, 2010

The effectiveness of studying with native speakers plus the comfort of doing it from home

How many times have you said you can´t study Spanish because you don´t have  time or you can´t find a good teacher? You have no more excuses, because now Ñ online brings a teacher to your house.

After all these years teaching Spanish, we have noticed that many of our students would give up learning once they got back to their countries because they wouldn´t find an experienced teacher (some times not even a teacher) to continue with their studies. We know many of them would love to keep learning as well as practicing. In response to this need, we have decided to start with online lessons, keeping the quality and dedication our lessons have.

With this goal in our minds, we have chosen a software especially designed to teach languages, which allows us to carry out a lessons comfortably and dynamically, and to focus on grammar as much as on conversation skills.

Request a trial free lesson and find out how Ñ works!

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Here, there and everywhere!

junio 11, 2010

You already know our website and our Facebook group.

Now, you can know what´s going on with Ñ through our new blog!

We hope you find it useful!

Ñ de ESPAÑOL ~ Spanish Tutoring in Buenos Aires

Because learing Spanish doesn´t have to be boring