Chacarita Tour

Chacarita is a mysterious neighborhood, an unusual mixture of industrial and residential areas, a place where many porteños pass by -without stopping- to catch the train that will take them back home while others sleep in no hurry behind the walls of the cemetery.
At first sight it doesn´t look very attractive – but the ones who really know it can talk about its hidden places that are worth discovering.
Chacarita is neither a glamorous neighborhood nor a picturesque one. The ones who expect local stereotypes shouldn´t join this tour. However, if you feel like finding out what happens behind Buenos Aires´ walls and bumping into curious characters, come with us.
The circuit has a shady area and a bright one. On the dark side we are going to pass through the walls of the cemetery to meet its ghosts, like the mythical singer who smokes from the afterlife, or the powerful tomb which, despite its emptiness, is full of symbols. On the bright side we are going to explore many stories of the living: two bars, one that hides under its floor the history of light and other one that turned into a pop icon. Besides that we are going to have a close-up on seemingly impossible projects that somehow worked out.
Touring around this neighborhood is a good excuse to see the other side of how people live in Buenos Aires, to talk about its history (great names like Gardel and Perón and also ordinary people, like the ones who try to change the world by an organic market). All that in addition to sitting in a café and chatting for a while


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– The tour takes about 3 hours and it´s not exclusive for Ñ de español students.

– Price: AR$ 100




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