¿Cuál es tu alfajor favorito? / Spanish grammar tips: qué vs. cuál

– ¿Qué es un alfajor?

– Un alfajor son dos galletitas redondas y dulces con dulce de leche en el medio (como un sandwich), cubiertas con chocolate.

– ¿Y cuál es tu alfajor favorito?

– No sé… hay muchos y todos me gustan.

– Ah, bueno, entonces ¿cuáles son tus marcas (brands) de alfajor favoritas?

– El capitán del espacio, Terrabusi de chocolate y Jorgelín Triple son los que más me gustan.

We use qué when we ask for a definition= ¿Qué es un alfajor?

We use cuál (singular) or cuáles (plural) to select an item from a group= ¿Cuál es tu alfajor favorito?

An alfajor is a sweet snack: two cookies with “dulce de leche” inside (like a sandwich) covered with chocolate. Usually, they are not homemade. You can buy them in a “kiosco” but not in a bakery.

Here, you can take a look at some of the best and worst alfajores you can find in Buenos Aires, according the web site Planeta Joy.  These are our personal favourites:

* Jorgito- It is a classic: simple but very good. It brings us memories from primary school: a cheap and tasty snack to eat on the breaks.

* Terrabusi- Another classic  with a more “mature” touch. The chocolate is bitter and the taste is more intense. You will notice the difference when you see the elegant packaging.

* Cachafaz- It’s the most “gourmet” option and the most expensive one too.

* Águila minitorta- It’s sweet  bomb: bigger than others and filled with dulce de leche and meringue. It’s The option for those moments when you NEED a carbohydrats extra-dose.

* Capitán del espacio-  Unexpectedly delicious (don’t prejudge it for its old fashioned  and cheap packaging!).  It’s more a myth than an actual alfajor.  Since it’s made by a small family factory in Quilmes (to the south of Buenos Aires), it’s difficult to get it. Everybody has its own favorite alfajor, but “Capitán del espacio” goes beyond: it has fans.

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